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Dataset: Cretaceous global climatic fields simulated using the FOAM ocean-atmosphere general circulation model

  Link to repository: A series of ocean-atmosphere simulations for the Cretaceous, freely available and citable with its DOI.

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Publication: Carbonate platform production during the Cretaceous

Link to pdf: Pohletal2020_GSAB

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Publication: Quantifying the paleogeographic driver of Cretaceous carbonate platform development using paleoecological niche modeling

Highlights: We use a general circulation model to simulate Cretaceous environmental conditions. We identify oceanic regions favorable to the development of platform carbonates. The ecological niche model performs well in the Aptian. It also captures the increase in platform carbonates … Continue reading

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Publication: Ocean Circulation in the Toarcian (Early Jurassic): A Key Control on Deoxygenation and Carbon Burial on the European Shelf

Key Points: The southern European Shelf remained oxygenated during the Toarcian Oceanic Anoxic Event. Ocean dynamics, notably the Tethyan clockwise gyre, largely controlled bottom water oxygen concentrations on the European Shelf. Organic carbon burial in the European Shelf likely contributed … Continue reading

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Publication: An early Cambrian greenhouse climate

Link to pdf: Hearing2018_ScienceAdvances

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Publication: Glacial onset predated Late Ordovician climate cooling

Keypoints: Earth system model providing the first detailed simulation of Middle to Late Ordovician land ice growth Model/data comparison suggests a Darriwilian age for glacial onset A single ice sheet of large extent covered Gondwana during the Hirnantian glacial maximum. … Continue reading

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Publication: High dependence of Ordovician ocean surface circulation on atmospheric CO2 levels

Highlights We model Early, Middle and Late Ordovician ocean surface circulation. Our basemaps are fully compatible with the most recent palaeontological databases. Synthetic maps are produced to aid the interpretation of palaeobiogeographical data. Major patterns of modelled ocean surface circulation … Continue reading

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Publication: Effect of the Ordovician paleogeography on the (in)stability of the climate

Link to pdf: Pohl2014_ClimPast

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