Publication: Glacial onset predated Late Ordovician climate cooling



  • Earth system model providing the first detailed simulation of Middle to Late Ordovician land ice growth
  • Model/data comparison suggests a Darriwilian age for glacial onset
  • A single ice sheet of large extent covered Gondwana during the Hirnantian glacial maximum.

Link to pdf: Pohl2016_Paleoceanography

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Publication: High dependence of Ordovician ocean surface circulation on atmospheric CO2 levels



  • We model Early, Middle and Late Ordovician ocean surface circulation.
  • Our basemaps are fully compatible with the most recent palaeontological databases.
  • Synthetic maps are produced to aid the interpretation of palaeobiogeographical data.
  • Major patterns of modelled ocean surface circulation appear to be model-independent.
  • Ordovician surface circulation is highly dependent on atmospheric CO2 levels.

Link to pdf: Pohl2015_Paleo3

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Publication: Effect of the Ordovician paleogeography on the (in)stability of the climate


Link to pdf: Pohl2014_ClimPast
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Field-trip: IGCP 591, 4th annual meeting, Estonia 2014.

Pre-conference excursion: Ordovician of Estonia, 10 – 12 June 2014.

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Publication: The Bossons glacier protects Europe’s summit from erosion




Link to pdf: Godon2013_EPSL

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